BLURRY lines

It's raining hard black and blue. Thousands of whips on my back. Can you hear the sound? Swish and slash.  Deafening in the silence. As I keep my mouth shut.  Hot tears roll down my cheeks.  But not a scream to be heard. - Lilith


Dancing on carnage.  Flames rise, smoke and charcoal. Laughing loud. Twirling around on corpses. The castle crumbled around me. Just me and my violin. Drowning in my sins. As the sky falls apart. Carcassed filled battlefield. Rats all around. As I killed 30 men with my own hand. Until one hit me and all was … Continue reading Carnage.

Ask For Help

Sometimes all you can do. Is ask for some help. Reach out,  And hope that someone out there, Is going to reply. - Lilith *we do not own these pictures. They are just for illustrations Let us know in the comment section how tough is it, according to you, to ask for help from someone